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 Concernant le FBX maya et max -Psylo-

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MessageSujet: Concernant le FBX maya et max -Psylo-   Ven 18 Avr - 23:44

psylo, j'ai trouvé pourquoi on perd la gestion des manip:

Okay for everyone trying to
go from MAYA 8.5 To Any version of max using FBX. Firstly make sure you
have the latest version of exporters for the correct version of sofware
you are using. EG MAX 8 needs the latest max 8 fbx plugin the same with
maya. they have to be the latest version of fbx on both 3d applications
you are using otherwise you will get errors. Now for the most part its
animations with IK Inverse Kinematics that is the hardest thing to
bring across From Maya to Max. Here is the Solution. You will NOT be
able to bring in the IK straight into Max, but, you can transfer the IK
rig’s keframe information into the bones in maya before you export
therefore being able to get the same animation in max. In maya select
every bone and controller in the scene (this is very important) got to
edit -> Keys--> Bake Simulation. Then do an FBX export make sure
you have Bake Complex animation checked this will ensure any expresions
you have will come through. Thats it on the Maya side. Now import it
into max. All the controllers and Ik from Maya will come up as Dummy
Nodes you can safely delete all these. What you are left with is the
initial skeleton and the skined mesh with the animation. Now I like to
add another Root Node dummy object to the skeleton Root Bone Most of
the time this is the pelvis (but not always). And there you go everyone
you have Maya to MAX conversion.



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MessageSujet: Re: Concernant le FBX maya et max -Psylo-   Sam 19 Avr - 16:19

ouep va falloir tester ça, merci pour la recherche :p
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Concernant le FBX maya et max -Psylo-
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